Custom Headers, Menus, Page Headings & Footers

Ocean provides full control of your header & footer style. You can modify your header height, background color, transparency,menu color, hover menu color, pick custom fonts for your main navigation & subnavigation, pick from 6 different menu style presets, add an underline hover animation effect for your top level navigation items, add an animated arrow hover effect for your subnavigation items, setup transparent headers on a per page basis, set the transparency level of your transparent header as well as its background color, toggle your Sticky Header option, you can create Mega Menus, add buttons to your main navigations and many more. You can also pick your footer style as well as select how many widget columns you want in it. Menu headings (the area that contains your breadcrumbs and Page title) can also be modified on a per page basis – you can pick custom backgrounds for it, switch off the breadcrumbs, pick breadcrumb style etc. See just a few examples of customized headers (footer) below.